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We have a wealth of experience in Turbocharger Engineering, and we can now offer a Turbo Conversion for the Peugeot 106 GTi 16v engine.

Not only do you get the power increase achieved when fitting one of these kits, but also more importantly the torque is significantly improved making the car easier and safer to drive especially in overtaking situations. For further significant power and torque increases we have developed extra modifications that can be fitted with the kit. All kits can be tailored to your requirements, so please contact us for assistance.

We offer the ‘Entry Level’ kit. This bolt on kit requires no internal modifications. We have developed all further modifications so they can be directly added at a later date. For example, we can offer the more ardent enthusiast, Low Compression Forged Pistons, Low Compression Cylinder Head, Dump Valve, Fifth Injector, 2 Stage Boost and Water Injection.

The 2 Stage Boost and Water Injection have been specially developed to produce power without detonation. Derived from the same systems used on current ‘World Rally Cars’ the high boost setting is activated with a dash-mounted button.

We can fit these conversions in our workshop and would need the car for approx 2-5 days to complete the work, depending on the level of the kit. For the more hands on we can supply the kit for D.I.Y. along with detailed fitting instructions including pictures.

In general the ‘Entry Level’ kit for 106 models consists of the following parts:
• Stainless Steel 4 Branch Exhaust Manifold
• Turbo Dynamics Hybrid Turbocharger – 6 psi actuator
• Stainless Steel Downpipe*
• Polished Stainless Air Filter Induction Pipe
• Competition Green Air Filter
• Polished Stainless Steel Boost Pipe
• Silicone Hoses as required & Special NGK Plugs
• Aeroquip Turbo Oil Feed Pipe & Non-Return Valve
• Aeroquip Oil Cooler Hoses & 10 Row Oil Cooler
• Modified Sump
• Remote Oil Filter Kit
• Heatshield, Mounting Brackets, Hardware Exhaust Gasket, Silicone Water Hoses & Connections

*As this kit is designed to fit a Saxo, there is a degree of alteration required to mounting brackets, plus the water radiator has to be moved forward.

106 Gti 16v

Complete Turbo Conversion (No Sport Cat)

This kit has been designed as a complete bolt-on kit, with no internal modifications giving a minimum of +30 – 40 bhp at 5/6 spi boost.


Basic Turbo Conversion (No Sport Cat)

Consists of Manifold, Downpipe, Hybrid Turbocharger, Remote Oil Filter & Turbo Oil Feed.

All other parts have to be sourced by the customer.
Manifold, Downpipe, Hybrid Turbocharger, Remote Oil Filter, Turbo Oil Feed Pipe

106 GTi Turbo Accessories

106 GTi Turbo Accessories

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MD150 16v Turbo Forged Low Compression Piston Set
MD158 Steel Connecting Rods EN24 H Section – Set of 4
MD724 NGK Turbo Spark Plugs – Set of 4
MD93953S Up-Rated Turbo Actuator
PT106TURBO Cituning Twin Piston Dump Valve Kit
PT106TURBO1 5th Injector Kit inc. 2 Bar Map Sensor & MF2
PT106TURBO2 Water Injection Kit inc. 2 Stage Boost Controller
PT106TURBO2S Standard Water Injection Kit

52mm Boost Gauge Kits

TIM127 1 Bar Boost Gauge Kit – Black Face
TIM127W 1 Bar Boost Gauge Kit – White Face
SWG527 30 psi Boost Gauge Kit – Black Face
SWG527W 30 psi Boost Gauge Kit – White Face

All dials complete with black outer bezel
TIM023 Chrome Over Bezel

52mm Gauge Mounts

Single Pillar Mount Designed for mounting the Boost Gauge
PT106TURBO11B Black Single Pillar Mount
PT106TURBO11C Carbon Look Single Pillar Mount

Twin Pillar Mount Designed for mounting the Boost and 2 Stage Boost Gauges
PT106TURBO10B Black Twin Pillar Mount
PT106TURBO10C Carbon Look Twin Pillar Mount

Turbochargers Gallery

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