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106 16v Complete Turbo Kit-STAGE 3

£3,975.00 (incl. VAT @ 20%)

Part Number: PT106TURBOVTS6
Product: 106 16v Complete Turbo Kit-STAGE 3
Brand: Peugeot
Car: 106
Model: 1.6 16v Turbo
Summary: This includes all of Stage 2 plus Water Injection kit including 2 Stage Boost. This will need setting up on our rolling road.
Description: In general the ‘Entry Level’ kit for Saxo models consists of the following parts: Stainless Steel 4 Branch Manifold, Hybrid Turbocharger – 6 psi actuator, Stainless Downpipe (inc. Sport Cat provision for Twin Lambda 01> VTR only), Stainless Air Pipe, Silicone Hose Connections, Green Air Filter, Stainless Steel Boost Pipe, Silicone Hoses as required, Aeroquip Oil Feed Pipe & Non-Return Valve, Aeroquip Oil Cooler Hoses & 10 Row Oil Cooler, Remote Oil Filter Kit, Modified Sump, Heatshield, Mounting Brackets & Hardware.